A Change Of Identity

A few years ago I started writing a blog.

I had recently become overwhelmingly inspired by some environmental activists that I’d met, and felt that I too needed to do something to make a positive difference. The concept of the blog was as much about embarking on a journey of self-education as it was to share information with others. After a few posts, a change to veganism (don’t worry, I’m not one of the preachy ones) and a smattering of lifestyle alterations…life got in the way. My journey of self-exploration continued but the blog came to a grinding halt.

That was then, and this is now. LiveTheNewNormal finds itself in the middle of a global pandemic. I think it is fair to say that we are all looking to make sense of what is a nonsensical era. Everything is on pause, in flux and uncertain. Some people have suffered and continue to suffer huge losses and setbacks. Others have found new and innovative ways to operate, and there are those still who have created phenomenal successes.

In areas of the world where the initial wave has passed, society is keen to “return to normal”. And this got me thinking…is this a good thing…is this possible…and what is “normal”? Is normal a measure of excellence, an aspirational status quo or is it simply an uncontested state of being that we are all used to? If normal turns out to be the best, most efficient and successful way of behaving then by all means, let’s attempt to recapture it. If, however, we have the unique opportunity to reimagine normal, maybe even live a new normal, then surely we would be remiss in ignoring such an extraordinary opportunity.

Political, social and environmental landscapes are changing. People are making waves on the global stage, the ripples of which can be felt in many aspects of our daily lives. What’s more, individuals are finding new ways to operate. Businesses have diversified, social interactions have been largely digitized and in spite of lockdowns, communities have opened up to help and support each other. Rather than lament what has changed in the wake of the event, these are exciting times. I look forward to see where this blog takes me and hope that you will join me.